Direct Mail Advertising in #LOCATION# Area

#FRANCHISE#’s direct mail advertising campaigns include targeted distribution of postcard mailer packs to affluent homeowners in #LOCATION# including #CITIES#. These campaigns include targeted distribution of postcard mailer packs to affluent homeowners proven to respond positively to direct mail advertising.

Our direct mail advertising campaigns generate the most promising business leads for our clients. This program includes targeted distribution of brilliantly designed, full-color, high-gloss postcard mailers to high-income, upmarket homeowners who actively invest in products and services and are known to respond to direct mail advertising.

Unlike other mailers, our direct mail post cards are professionally packaged and sealed in a clear cellophane wrap and are personally addressed. Each series of postcards features products and services consumers in the target demographic are most likely to purchase.

City Publications Chicago Exclusivity Promise

We hand pick the preferred businesses in each category, ensuring our audience gets nothing but the best businesses and offers suited to their needs and lifestyle. Our consumers enjoy discounts that are local to their area and convenient to their purchasing habits. Less clutter, more relevant ads, better response rate.

City Publications is your leading local provider in dozens of deal categories for direct mail, lead generation and targeted marketing opportunities.

Our proprietary direct mailing lists are custom built for each distribution. We consistently update our database with new homeowner information to ensure each card pack is delivered accurately and seamlessly. We personally address our card packs using the homeowner’s name rather than a generic greeting such as “Hello current resident!”
We guarantee your ad will land in the right hands by:

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