Window Makeover

Why replace what you can restore?

Window Makeover
Window Makeover

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Window Makeover

“Restoration is Our Frame of Mind” Your home is a huge investment. That’s why we offer the most innovative solutions to keep it protected. Choosing to repair your failed windows instead of replacing them can save you money.

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Save up to 70% by Restoring your Windows vs. Replacement

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Our window restoration process is truly unique. We’ve designed our own one-of-a-kind mill, called the Crave Mill, where we’re able to restore windows back to their original potential by reverse engineering and duplicating the design to create new replacement parts. Because of the quality per manufacturer’s specifications, we deliver accurate, consistent and speedy results. Our distinctive process doesn’t just make us unique, it makes us stand out as a leader in window repair and the right company to choose for all of your window needs.


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