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What if You Could Create a Child's Wonderland... Right in the Safety of Your Own Backyard? A wide range of premium cedar and redwood playsets to suit your needs.We also sell basketball goals and tramplines.

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Swingsets Starting at $1499 - $199 Installation

Parrot Island Playcenter $2799

14' Variable Bounce Trampoline $1549 - $99 installation

C660 Ryval Hoop $1999 - $349 Installation


All Offers expire 12-31-2022

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Whether curious if we deserve our great reputation or just looking for family fun this weekend, the easiest way to see and feel the Tree Frogs difference is to stop by one of our functional showrooms. Watch the experience come to life on your child’s face for yourself in our indoor and outdoor display areas.


Yes, your kids are free to use our play sets, swing sets, rock walls, slides, basketball goals, trampolines, and more – and you don’t have to pay a dime! Some of our showrooms even offer birthday party packages so you can celebrate your kid’s special day in style!

While you’re here, be sure to ask about our shade structures, commercial playgrounds, park amenities, surface boxes, and outdoor kitchens.

Nationwide delivery and installation available. 


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