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Louisville Roof Replacement

Getting your roof replaced should not be a pain. Let the experts at The Roof Doctor take the pain out of getting your louisville roof replacement completed in a timely and professional fashion. We can inspect your roof and give you a free inspection and estimate on replacing or just simply repairing your roof. Call today!

Damage on your roof may not be easy to spot. Here are some examples of an aged or weathered roof.


The upward curling of shingle tabs makes them highly susceptible to wind and ice damage. This is a problem on older roofs where moisture build-up in the attic affects the underside of the shingle.  This may be due to storm damage.


Buckling is a visible distortion or waviness in the horizontal lines of the shingles, and usually runs in a straight line up the slope. Shingle tabs become exposed to wind and can be torn off. Very often, the problem is warping in the roof deck caused by poor attic ventilation.

Louisville Roof Replacement is one of the most important things that you have to think through. Make sure to have the roof replaced the correct way. A roof that is repaired incorrectly will cost you more in the long term. Think through what types of roof replacement options that you have. You can select from a number any number of shingle types, metal roof designs and other various styles and shapes. Think about whether or not you need to remove the entire roof or just shingle over the top of the old shingles. The more layers of shingles that you have on your home adds to the weight of what is already there. On the other side it gives you an added level of protection against the elements of the weather.


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