Targeted Direct Mail

Targeted direct mail allows you to send a well-crafted, customized advertisement to a list of specific customers, tailored to your ideal prospects, without mailing to an entire neighborhood, carrier route, zip code, or county.

Targeted Direct Mail City Publications

Unlike EDDM-style mail campaigns, a targeted direct mail strategy features pinpoint, precise targeting to deliver focused, tailored messages that reach your ideal customer. The ability to create different targeted lists affords you the flexibility to change your message based on the key demographics of each list, optimizing your advertising efforts.

The potential success of a targeted mail campaign rests largely on the validity and strategy of the mailing lists being used. Successful mailing lists leverage key demographic data from your target customer profiles to ensure your ad lands in the hands of customers ready to purchase products or services like yours to maximize response to your campaign.


Our Data is Superior

While finding the right demographic data to build your list is key to the success of your campaign, using fresh, up-to-date information is just as important. When you send out a direct mail campaign, you want to be sure your advertisement is delivered to your intended audience.

At City Publications Maryland, our data source is world-renowned. It covers 99.9% of US households, processes billions of data records annually, and is continuously updated. On top of that, we have unlimited, direct access so we can instantly develop premium lists, make quicker decisions, and drive faster sales.

Using advanced technology, we can target specific demographics like:

  • Specialty Interests
  • Property Owners
  • Automotive Make/Model/Year
  • Transactional and Buyer Behavior
  • B2B Business Directory
  • Nonprofits, schools, governments
  • New Business
  • Consumer Household
  • New Mover
  • New Homeowner
  • New Construction
  • Building Permits

Quality Data Analysis is Key to Successful List Development

The final component of a successful targeted direct mail campaign is understanding how to analyze and apply the results of your demographic data to create a strong mailing list. When you partner with City Publications Maryland, you have expert data analysists at the tip of your fingers to skillfully build lists optimized for maximum response rates.


Often times, small to medium businesses see very poor response rates to do-it-yourself mail campaigns and, as a result, assume that direct mail doesn’t work. Unfortunately, most of these business owners are not set up for success and do not have the right tools to design attractive advertisements and build strong mailing lists. When you work with City Publications Maryland, you are working with experienced marketers who have the expertise and systems to build successful campaigns that are strategically developed to optimize return. Rather than “spray and pray” a generic ad to an entire zip code, partner with City Publications Maryland to create a successful campaign from start to finish.

We have built hundreds of successful direct mail campaigns for businesses offering diverse products and services. We use our experience and analytical skills to build mailing profiles that help to identify who your best customers are, where they live, and what they like. Using this data, we create high-quality advertisements that effectively communicate your message to groups of people who are most likely to buy.


Understanding Our
Strategic Targeted Direct Mail Programs

Co-op Card Deck

This type of campaign is a highly-targeted direct mail program that reaches 100,000 high-income, upscale, actively-spending homeowners, four times a year at 1/3 the cost of other direct mail options.

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Custom Solo Mailing

Pinpoint targeting tailored to your ideal customer that provides focus, flexibility and precision messaging to your ideal prospects.

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New Homeowners City Showcase Program

Our new homeowners campaign utilizes an eye-catching mailer that reaches new homeowners within 30 days of moving in, helping you make a strong first impression when these new customers are searching for products and services just like yours.

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Reach Your Ideal Prospects With Targeted Direct Mail

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