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We design and build our custom organizers for home and office, including closet, garage, work room, office, and laundry room. Buy direct from the manufacturer.

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This is how it all begins:

First we will have one of our highly experienced designers to meet with you either at your home or office or at one of our conveniently located showrooms to discuss your needs and explore design options.

Once we have your project on paper whether it is your custom Closet, Home Office, Entertainment Center, Garage Unit, Wardrobe, Business Office or any other requirement approved, we will start fabricating your job in our factory located locally in Beltsville, MD. At Euro Design we use state of the art machinery to manufacture our Closets and Cabinets to a high degree of quality and accuracy.

Then, our team of company employed installers will come to your job site to install and give you a truly customized installation.

Last, you can count on our after installation services. Having installed over 6000 Closets, Closet Organizers, Home Office systems, Garage Units, Entertainment Centers, and all other Closet and Cabinet products since 1980 in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, we understand the importance of keeping a customer for life. That is why we get many repeated customers and referrals. Your satisfaction is the driving force behind our success.

Closet Organizers

Organization is the key. Organization can lead to success in every aspect of your life. So, why is it then that so many people's closets do not reflect this principle? Your closet is one of the first places you will visit when you start your day. It is the place that you place the clothes you have collected and feel comfortable in. If you have a lot of clothes, but very little place to store them all, a closet organizer is definitely a worthwhile investment! Organization is the key when dealing with lack of space. It is not about how much room you have, it is about how you use that room. With a closet organizer you are able to maximize and organize! Think about the possibilities. With a closet organizer your storage capacity can double or even triple. You could have a few shelves on top for your shoes or linens, a rack for the clothes that you hang up, and drawers on the bottom for clothes that you fold. Every article could have its own place, thus affording you more time and less hassle.

A closet organizer is just the thing you need if you want to save time and energy. You should not have to sort through dresses, skirts, pants and blouses every time you are looking for a sweater. It is no longer necessary to store things on the floor or deep in the closet where you cannot easily see or access them. With a closet organizer you could separate his clothes from her clothes. Closet organizers are not limited to articles of clothing either. You can have a place for games, art supplies, towels, linens and collectibles. Even if you feel that you have enough space to store everything, with a closet organizer it is easy to efficiently use that space you have.

A closet organizer means that getting dressed in the morning is a quick process of grabbing and going. No more sorting through everything. There is a place for everything. For men, there could be a designated place to hang their ties. No longer will they have to worry about losing a tie or having them all fall on the floor. With a closet organizer, you will no longer have to worry about misplacing your favorite scarf because it is hanging in the same location as the other scarves. You no longer have to box up your seasonal attire in the off season since you have space for all of your clothes. Gone are the days of pulling out sweaters that have been stored that have become wrinkled and out of shape. A closet organizer allows you to appropriately care for, manage and admire your clothing collection.

Wardrobe closet

Clothing management is highly important and in order to manage one's clothing, one must have a place to store their clothes. In today's various living arrangements and housing options there is no guarantee that a space will be built in for storing clothing. Many times the option of how and where to keep clothes are left up to the tenants or owners of a home. When these questions arise for you, the possibilities are endless. There are many options to chose from when deciding on how and where to store your clothing. One of these choices is the highly stylish and portable closet wardrobe. Wardrobe closets are classic, practical, efficient, and convenient! People have been using the wardrobe closet for centuries. It is possible to enjoy the past elegance of a owning a wardrobe closet while owning your own and enjoying its modern use.

Wardrobe closets are a practical addition to any home, whether you are living in your first studio apartment or just need more storage space. They are definitely a worthwhile investment! A wardrobe closet is generally a smaller version of a regular closet storage unit. The functionality of a wardrobe closet is highly convenient if you are in need of more storage space. There are many benefits to having a wardrobe closet. You can design one to fit your specific needs and your specific style. A wardrobe closet is highly useful and chic. A wardrobe closet can have drawers, shelves and even a rack for hanging things up. It can have a vintage or antique appeal using soft design that emphasizes the wood, or a more modern feel with bright colors and sharp lines.

Perhaps it can incorporate a glass inset on the doors, or more traditional look would consist of two wooden doors. Your friends and family will be impressed with your good taste in furniture, your spouse or roommates will appreciate your space management. Getting dressed in the morning will be more enjoyable, you will now know where to find your clothes; in your wardrobe closet of course! You will save time as your clothes can now be organized and everything can have its own place in your wardrobe closet. Perhaps you just graduated college and you need a place to hang that new interview suit, but your apartment does not have a closet built in, or your roommate uses the whole space. Well, a wardrobe closet would solve this problems. It is possible are a home owner and you need more space, but cannot yet afford to add a permanent closet to your home. This is a great, cost efficient substitute! Maybe you just have more things to hang up then fit in the closet that came with your apartment. A wardrobe closet is the answer! If you were looking for a functional way to fill that empty wall space. Well then, a wardrobe closet can change the look or feel of any room instantly. Get yours now!

Walk In Closet

Have you ever been trying to put together an outfit, and you stare at your clothes hanging in a crowded closet? Everyday, whether you are looking for something to wear to work, or something to wear out that evening, you have to visit that frustrating place. From where you are standing it is difficult to determine whether that blue piece of cloth is part of a jacket or a skirt. Overwhelmed, you close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in a walk in closet. Instead of being bunched up next to each other, each article has a place of its own. You have a series of shelves and racks, that allow for quick and easy access to the item you are looking for. The walk in closet is highly organized and there is a space for everything from jackets, skirts, pants, shoes, hats, ties, scarves. Imagine having an area for his suits, separate from where you hang your sweaters! Well, what if when you opened your eyes, that dream came true?!

This functional luxury is just what you need to help you make the experience of choosing an outfit fun again! A walk in closet is a highly useful and beneficial addition to your home. No more clutter, no more stress, no more hassle! You no longer have to fight with your spouse over who gets more space. You no longer have sort through the masses of cotton, polyester, wool or rayon to find your favorite dress. It could be hanging up in plain site, right when you walk in. You would be able to cut down on your ironing, as your clothes will no longer be shoved together on the same rack. You would be able to move your shoe boxes from the dark, poorly lit area of the floor and onto a shelf designed just for them. When you have a walk in closet you are free from sorting and reorganizing every other week because you never seem to be able to find what you are looking for in that tiny space. You won't have to worry about stretching out your shirt as you attempt to pull it from its cramped location. Putting away laundry will be made more enjoyable, as there is no longer an issue of having enough room for everything.

This is not the extravagance you may think. You can choose the desired depth and length, thus making this is a very practical investment! You can now show off your good taste and fashion sense to your friends when they come to visit, as your clothing collection will be easily visible from its spacious new location. The walk in closet does not have to be limited to the problems of clothing organization. In addition to clothing, you could also store towels and linens in your walk in closet! You could keep games and art supplies! The possibilities are endless!

Now you can focus on the really tough question...what should I wear?


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