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Sunair Retractable Awnings

Increase your living space, protect your loved ones from harmful ultraviolet rays & offer years of dependable protection.

Sunair Retractable Awnings
Sunair Retractable Awnings

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Sunair Retractable Awnings

Sunair provides quality retractable awnings and solar screens.

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Business Information

Sunair® has led the industry since 1978 in creating the highest quality, innovative and custom made retractable awnings and shade systems for homeowners. In fact, Sunair® was among the first companies to introduce the European style retractable awning to the North American Market.

Today, our product line includes retractable awnings, interior and exterior solar shades, Pergola Awnings, canopies, as well as specialty shading systems for sunrooms and restaurants. Our products are distributed through our network of independent dealers located throughout North America, Canada, Caribbean, and Mexico.

We welcome you to browse this web site for information and then to fill out our "requests for estimate" form for a free in home estimate from the Sunair® dealer in your area.

Sunair® has two manufacturing plants in North America.

Jessup MD Location
Jessup, MD, near Baltimore
Phoenix AZ Location
Phoenix, AZ

Our 100,000 square foot North East manufacturing plant and headquarters is located in Jessup, MD near Baltimore. This plant services our dealer network on the entire East Coast and Mid West. We also have Maryland's largest awning show room open to the public. Sunair® do offer installed awnings and screens directly to the consumer from this location within the Baltimore Washington Corridor.

Our 25,000 square foot Arizona manufacturing plant services our dealer network on the entire U.S West Coast. Sunair® West only works direct with the trade from this location. And, if you reside near our factory in Phoenix, we have dealers in and around Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Tempe that services the local area in the valley.

SUNAIR® - The Past

  • The company was originally founded in 1880 in Malmö, Sweden and known as N.P Martensson's Paraply Fabrik (Which means N.P Martensson’s Umbrella Factory), and later became Paraplymårten A.B (Which means Umbrella Marten Inc.). Back then the company manufactured custom rain and sun umbrellas which were sold throughout Sweden and Scandinavia.

  • In the 1960's, Olof Martensson the 4th generation, converted the company over to the manufacturing of retractable awnings and canopies. The company was very successful in the Swedish and Scandinavian awning market.

  • The company wanted to expand its market. In 1978, Olof Martensson with wife and young kids emigrated and started Sunair® (Awnings Unlimited Inc.) in the USA as a subsidiary to the company in Sweden. Sunair® was the first of modern retractable awning companies to operate in the United States. Subsequently the company in Sweden was sold, and the focuses became solely on the U.S operations.

SUNAIR® - The Present

  • Today Sunair® is a nationally known U.S manufacturer and very successful company, focusing on both the exterior and interior sun control and shade business. Sunair® specializes in retractable awnings, solar screens, roller shades, Pergola Awnings, and specialty awning products combining Swedish engineering with American manufacturing.

  • The fifth generation now runs the company which operates both in Jessup Maryland and Phoenix Arizona.

  • Sunair® has almost 50 years’ experience manufacturing retractable awnings and other exterior shading products. Today our products are all made in the USA. Our modern facilities have state of the art computer assisted fabricating equipment and computerized order tracking in the production process.

  • Sunair® has built a reputation in the industry for a very diverse and high quality product line. Customizing is one of our specialties.

SUNAIR® - The Future

  • All of us at Sunair® are dedicated to the growth of our industry and market.

  • As the domestic awning and screen market grows, Sunair® will continuously invest money in equipment, innovative new products and human resources to maintain and grow with our market.

  • Our focus will always be on the development and manufacturing of high quality products that will allow us to maintain our reputation in the market place.

  • We also recognize the unique heritage of our company over the last 100 years. We hope to be able to continue this tradition for many more generations.


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7785 Old Jessup Rd
Jessup, MD

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