Phenom Pest Control

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Phenom Pest eliminates ants, spiders, ticks, mosquitos, bed bugs, mice

Phenom Pest Control
Phenom Pest Control

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PHENOM knows that the demands of your job, family and other activities don’t provide you to time to worry about your home being pest free. Remove the stress of having to buy, store and apply pesticides around your home by using a responsible professional you can trust. PHENOM has trained and licensed technicians that are specialists in customizing a treatment process specifically for the needs or your home.

Your safety is our first priority. The misapplication of chemicals can potentially contaminate your home, and actually increase the pest problems. Our trained technicians will identify pest threats and treat the areas of your home most susceptible. Our dedication to safety ensures a customized solution best for your family, pets and home environment.

It is important to completely break-up the life cycle of current pests including eggs, larva, pupa, nymphs, and adults. PHENOM will return within 30-45 days to ensure a life cycle halt. This will then start your regular service schedule.  Below we explain 5 easy steps we implement to ensure an environment without pests.


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