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Makers Woodshop

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Makers Woodshop

Makers Wood Shop has a wide selection of live edge wood species for Wood Tables, bars and kitchen island tops. We build custom wood bar tops, c

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Business Information

Since 2016

Makers Woodshop

 Makers Woodshop Started About 8 Years Ago As A Dream, A Desire, To Create Woodwork That Is Both Beautiful And Unique. Something That Would Not Only Be Pleasing To The Eye Now, But That Would Stand The Test Of Time. Not Mass Produced, But Truly Inspired Pieces That Are One Of A Kind.


Who We Are

Meet Our Team



Jason Dawson

He truly loves woodworking and is committed to continually educating himself to expand his knowledge and abilities in the field. He is also a dreamer: his heart for this business is for it to surpass him; to be able to pass it on to his children, who right now, love to hang out at the shop and take tremendous pride in any job they are able to do.


Travis Thomas

He has the amazing ability, talent, and patience to find the best coating and finish for every piece he puts his hands on. He takes the time to do things right every time. Whenever you see Travis work it’s obvious that he is passionate about what he does. He is also the master of finishes. He has spent hundreds of hours experimenting with various finishes and how they interact with each other to best compliment any wood surface he is working on.



Myrthe Dawson

She is the smart one. If you see a unique design that you just have to have, she probably came up with it. She also handles our cad designs, our social media, and so many other things that the list would probably break the internet.  One of these days we are going to get our giant wooden 3d puzzles area of the site up and running, and you will then be able to see her true genius. 


Jonathan Weizman

Jonathan has worked with wood longer than any of us combined. He runs one of the largest bandsaw mills in Maryland, has the best truck, and knows how to rock a pair of sunglasses. All of our wood is slabbed on site and he is the one who does it. His passion for a beautiful piece of wood, expertly cut is unmatched.



Mccabe Lowe

Mccabe has come up with some great designs for our product. He is always pushing the limit of our process to create new ways of doing things. He helps run the shop, everything would be worse without him.



How We Make A Difference


To make beautiful lasting things out of large pieces of wood. Yeah, it’s a pretty simple mission. Oh, and to pay our bills doing it. 


Honestly, this was part of the web template when I started putting this site together. I am not entirely sure that woodshop needs a vision. As much as I would like to pander and say that we are focused on reducing carbon emissions by using wood condemned to the fireplace pile for our tables. But that isn’t really why we do this. Honestly, we just love working with wood, and each piece is a surprise.



We secure our own wood and mill it ourselves on our custom 8’x40′ bandsaw mill. We take wood destined for the fire wood pile and slices it up for one of a kind slab work. None of our wood comes from trees cut down for their lumber. It is all sourced from trees that either fell down, or needed to come down for safety reasons.


We take big, nasty logs, cut them up and let them dry. Then we flatten it with a huge router. Next we sand it, and fill it with grain filler, then we sand it alot more. Fill holes with epoxy if needed, then we finish it with the proper oil, poly, wax, or whatever the application needs, then we photograph it, and try to sell it. Pretty straightforward.


From dining room tables, to dry bars. We can make a table that not only functions as a flat surface for you to put stuff on, but also incentivizes you to clean up a bit. Don’t forget about desks, mantles and coffee tables, we can do those to. 


You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

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Phone: 240-720-3317






9700 Old Court Rd,
Windsor Mill, MD 21244

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