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The Grout Medic
The Grout Medic

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About The Grout Medic

The Grout Medic is the leader in the grout and tile cleaning and restoration market. The products and equipment used are the latest technology to bring your grout and tile back to life.

The Grout Medic specializes in performing services on your existing grout and tile surfaces. Each Grout Medic technician is trained to evaluate your needs, and prescribe and perform the procedures for you in a professional and courteous manner while exceeding your expectations. At The Grout Medic, we can perform all of our services in both the residential and commercial environment. Our customers range from the individual homeowner to Fortune 500 companies, and each individual job we complete is designed to bring your grout and tile back to life, and protect it for years to come.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

The Grout Medic is a great way to increase the value of your home or prepare it for sale.

Nothing shows the wear of a home more than dirty or discolored grout. In one day, The Grout Medic will remove years of buildup and stains from your grout and restore its original beauty. For those selling their home, it’s a great way to expedite the sale and add value to your property. Don’t lose a sale over dirty grout! To receive a FREE grout and tile cleaning estimate, contact The Grout Medic in your own community.

Green / Environment

The Grout Medic steam vapor technology is, by nature, a “green” technology. While many providers use a variety of chemicals, abrasives, and solvents that can be environmentally harmful, our advanced vapor technology uses nothing more hazardous than steam. Our technicians leave your home or business free of any potentially dangerous chemical residue, and our procedures do not release any harmful substances into the environment.

We are baby and pet safe!

Our research and development efforts are constantly focused on finding the most effective and most environmentally safe products and technologies. Parents, pets, and children are all protected by The Grout Medic’s environmentally friendly processes: green and clean!

Our Technicians

When it comes to restoring grout, we are proud to serve as the industry experts. The Grout Medic technicians specialize in grout and tile , and our technologies, coupled with our unparalleled customer service, have made us the most respected brand in the industry. Your flooring is in “good hands” with The Grout Medic and the results will be amazing.

Superior service is a hallmark of The Grout Medic brand. Our technicians work hard to provide courteous, professional, and reliable customer service, making the experience as enjoyable as the results. A written estimate is provided for each job, and our technicians are fully insured. When you engage a Grout Medic technician, you can be assured you will receive only the very best in service and results.

World Class Training!

Through our dedicated training center in Southlake, Texas, The Grout Medic delivers the most comprehensive training in the industry.


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