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Wheaton Home Solutions

We offer Home repairs all the way through to design and installation of home makers. From Painting, Flooring, Lighting, Tile, Drywall, Cabinets, Countertops, Plumbing, Roofs and Gutters we can help your home look beautiful!

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$250.00 off any home project of $2,500.00 or more. or $100.00 off any home repair or project $1,000.00 or more.

Limited Time Offer. Expires 10/1/2023.

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Margaret grew up in North Carolina's Smoky Mountains. She inherited a strong work ethic and a joy in serving others from her dad, a General Contractor. 

When Margaret bought a 1950's home in Greensboro in 1997 (before YouTube!), she had a refrigerator in the coat closet, a fuse box with knobs that burst loudly if you ran the microwave and a hair dryer at the same time, and a kitchen floor that was really just tar paper over the subfloor. Tired of buying six-packs of electrical knobs and hanging her clothes out on the line, she dug in and learned how to fix a toilet, repair plaster walls, install cabinets, and replace a roof. She saw every last inch of her crawlspace and her lava-hot attic. 


Margaret sold specialty building products across the state for nearly 10 years. She led her church's substandard housing team for 3 years, along with 4 Habitat for Humanity builds. She enjoys seeing every project from beginning to end and has managed dozens of home renovation and repair projects. 

Margaret has the experience, skills and resources needed for all your home improvements. 


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