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Exclusive direct mail and digital marketing campaigns to the Top 100,000 RVA homeowners... for only pennies per home.

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Richmond's Finest
Business & Community Showcase

Richmond’s Finest is a multimedia business and community showcase that City Publications started in 2013. The showcase recognizes the “Best of Richmond” across a diverse group of companies and non-profit organizations. Unlike conventional marketers, our mission is to promote only Richmond-area companies and non-profit groups that have earned an excellent reputation, are highly regarded by customers and vendors, and that deserve to be recognized as “Richmond’s Finest".  We rely on our company research as well as referrals and testimonials in our selection process.  We currently feature about two-dozen companies or community organizations that we’ve invited to join our showcase, and we offer limited exclusivity so that each of our members stands out as the Top Achievers in their category. 


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