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Marzo Roofing

Our company is State Certified and provides workers compensation on all employees. We are known for our quality of workmanship throughout the East Coast region and provide workmanship warranties of 5 years and 10 years on all of o

Business Information

In 1987 Gary Marzo Inc. was founded by Gary and Lynn Marzo. By 1993 the company had 5 full-time employees and averaged 5 roof replacements per month. As of 2002 the company had grown to 25 full-time employees and averaged 10 roof replacements per month.

In 2016 Maksim Durasov moved to Port St Lucie with his family and worked with Gary to learn the business. Gary retired in 2017 selling the business to Maksim and changing the company name to Marzo Roofing Inc. As of 2022 the company has about 35 full-time employees. Business has increased enough to open an office in Palm Beach County at 1500 N Florida Mango Rd.
Moving forward the company has plans to open offices in Miami, Orlando and Melbourne over the next 3 years creating 100 to 150 new jobs. Expanding to become one of the top roofing companies in South and Central Florida. Where in a market full of roofing companies we feel our commitment to our motto "High quality roofing, professionally done" sets us apart.


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West Palm Beach, FL

PSL & WPB Areas

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