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Have you ever wondered is it my Jeans or is it my GENES?

Now here at Edge Integrative Wellness we have the means to discover what really is in your jeans, I mean genes, that causes you so many plateaus, injuries and issues. Losing weight, maintaining fitness or continuing as a prime athlete can be difficult, I know I have had my own life time of peaks and valleys. Oh and do the valleys get low. Not only physically but mentally frustrating.

As an endurance athlete always wanting to perform at peak condition, and dreaming of those personal record days I get hard on myself. My Head is screaming WHAT IS GOING ON !!! So is it just me? Luckily I know it's not…. This has become my passion and I am so excited to share with you genetic testing, evaluation and treatment plan for a new you. We can find the answers,  I am SURE of it. Truly I have experienced so many, as my clients put it “MIRACLES”, I call it good science.

The research today has finally caught up with our questions of yesterday. I have the code to unlock your genes.

Just a little taste of what can be uncovered for you as anyone who wants to lose weight,gain weight, become an athlete, or is an athlete of any kind.

I have the exact weight loss plan that your body needs. Let's explore your options together and come up with the best treatment plan. Amalgamat8!

Your Genes can get you back in your Jeans, let Edge Integrative Wellness LLC. help! We recognize all individuals are unique. Our comprehensive tailored approach aims to provide each patient of the Edge community with individualized healthcare, education, and support toward their progression to enhanced health and optimal wellness. The treatment plans and goals will be precisely customized to your specific needs. As facilitators of health and healing our focus is on treating the whole person and not just your one symptom. Some of our methods and amenities may include genomic evaluation, medical weight loss, micro nutrients testing, nutritional supplements, Anti-aging, Aesthetics, botanical s, energy work, detox programs, as well as other educational tools and resources, along with a state of the art secured, electronic patient record system that is available 24 hours to our patients anywhere there is internet access.

We believe almost any imbalance can be returned to proper function or significantly improved by first identifying the dysfunctions and correcting long-term disturbances due to genetics, biochemical conditions, lifestyle and environmental factors that can negatively impact your health. We strive to make every contact with our clinic a personal and professional experience to not only improve your overall health but ultimately restore your Vitality.

Get Your Edge on Today!                                                                                      Maria Crawford FNP-c,CRNFA,AGANCNP-bc 




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