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Tony Ingelido is a results-oriented entrepreneur with a broad business background who has helped fuel the growth of many of Rockville's finest businesses.


Tony Ingelido
Owner, Publisher & Business Consultant


Hello, I’m Tony Ingelido and the proud owner of City Publications, Metro DC.

I was born and raised in the DC Metro and spent the first half of my career managing a family owned construction company where we completed masonry projects (stonework, brick and concrete) throughout Metro DC. This experience allowed me to get to know the unique challenges faced by the various home improvement and construction trades we interfaced with daily. Coupled with the challenges, were the tremendous growth opportunities our marketplace (one of the hottest in the nation) offers to the well-run home improvement business. While we made a strategic decision to keep our business small, my lessons learned transferred to my corporate experience in operations where I worked with numerous CEOs to improve bottom-line performance. Often, a 10-20% reduction of overhead costs can have a dramatic improvement in bottom-line results. The last 20 years, I have focused on improving the operational performance for several profitable local businesses. My experience led me to serve as a founding member of the Maryland Performance Excellence Foundation designed to help local business implement business systems that enable their growth to ultimately elevate the quality of life of their stakeholders.

My unique experience proved to me that while it takes money to make money, it also takes money to save money as struggling firms are trying to make payroll, juggle subs and satisfy demanding clients while trying to find new work. It truly takes resources to focus on developing business systems, training employees and hiring staff to handle the daily operations while the owner is focused on strategic issues and company growth. Working with several small and mid-size businesses and collaborating with the owners, we soon realized that a 10-20 increase in top-line revenue often created the needed funding to implement, fix or improve business systems that improve sustainability and facilitates company growth. This shift in mindset allowed me to look at ways to help local small to mid-sized businesses improve their top line – i.e., increase sales. And so, City Publications Metro DC was selected to address this need!

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