Reach Metro DC’s affluent home-owners known to respond to direct mail


City Publications Metro DC creates and delivers a direct mail postcard pack to affluent, single-family homeowners in the Rockville area, four strategic times each year. Our innovative design and marketing expertise pair perfectly with our proprietary mailing lists to ensure your business gets the reach and reaction you are looking for.

City Publications benefits include:

  • An in-house design team to help guide your ad ambitions
  • Delivering hand-tailored ads that speak to the benefits of your product or service
  • A quality, targetted audience with the demographic research to back it up
  • Tracking capabilities to enhance your direct mail campaigns
  • Callouts to your website and social media pages both online and on your ad
  • Online ad listings boosted by SEO

Online Ad Boost

The ad we help develop for your card pack will also be featured on our local website. We drive traffic to your online ad via mailings and with search engine optimization and keywords related to your ad and service area. To make the most interactive experience, your ad can also feature your website and social media pages.


Quality Audience for Custom Ad Packs

Our proprietary mailing lists are custom built for each mailing. We consistently update our database with new homeowner information to ensure each card pack is delivered accurately and seamlessly. We personally address our card packs using the homeowner’s name rather than a generic greeting such as “Hello current resident!”

We guarantee your ad will land in the right hands by:

  • Consistent updates to our homeowner database
  • Regularly surveying homeowners in our area to determine best practices
  • Delivering personally addressed card packs greeting homeowners by name
  • Cutting all generic ad language - we curate decks based on homeowner trends and needs

Reaching Homeowners Ready to Buy

Our card packs reach homeowners with an average household income conducive to large ticket purchases. We find homeowners known to respond to direct mail and track their viability to help ensure your ad gets in front of consumers who are ready to buy.

Our proprietary mailing lists are composed of:

  • Single-Family Homes
  • Homeowners with an average household income of $125,000.00+
  • Homeowners with an averate home value of $500,000.00+
  • Surveyed participants known to respond to direct mail

City Publications Metro DC Exclusivity Promise

Exclusivity and relevance set us apart from other direct mail providers – we only allow two advertisers per category and limit the number of advertisers we have in our mailing packs. On average, we send 28-36 total ads compared to other direct mail or magazine companies that send 75 to 100 ads. Our consumers enjoy discounts that are local to their area and convenient to their purchasing habits. Less clutter, more relevant ads, better response rate.