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City Publications Wisconsin

Business Owners...Any business not bringing in new business is going out of business...Warren Buffet.

City Publications Wisconsin
City Publications Wisconsin

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City Publications Wisconsin

City Publications Connects Wisconsin's Best Companies with the Area's Best Most Affluent Consumers in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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About City Publications

City Publications provides targeted marketing solutions to local and national business using direct mail media infused with digital marketing and special customized programs.


At City Publications, we're premier lead generators. Each department in our corporate office plays a significant role in making your business thrive by giving you individual attention. Our multi-touch advertising model brings your clients qualified leads and you successful business. This is why we are known in the direct mail industry as premier lead generators.



"We know how to generate highly targeted leads through our co-op direct mail, e-mail marketing, and specialized solo mailer campaigns. We have a one of a kind advertising business model and support you through all the aspects of the business.  City Publications is there for you from setting up your first appointment, to conceptualizing advertisements, to final high quality printed ads. Our qualified assisted calling team helps Franchise owners by setting up appointments with ideal local businesses. Our Franchisee's success always comes first."




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