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Midwest Gutter Guard

Stop cleaning your gutters. Wisconsin and Northern Illinois' #1 Ranked Gutter Protection System!

Midwest Gutter Guard
Midwest Gutter Guard

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Midwest Gutter Guard

Wisconsin’s number one ranked gutter protection system! We offer a range of services to ensure your gutters are working as efficiently as possible to avoid further damage or costly repairs in the future.

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Gutter Guards

Our guards are crafted out of surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh, averting the need of continuous gutter cleaning. This micro mesh fits on all types of roofs and interlocks panels to keep seams from unravelling, all while taking up to 60 gallons of water per minute in a given rain storm. It also creates a defensive barricade that keeps out all sorts of miniscule debris, leaves, animal nests, pine needles, grit, and more.

1. Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh

After testing mesh sizes for a decade, Midwest Gutter Guard selected a surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh with openings that are optimally sized to prevent even small debris from entering your gutter system while handling an amazing 60 gallons of water per minute. Never again will leaves, twigs, pine needles, oak tassels, shingle grit, or other small debris clog your gutters.

Some competitive products use a mesh with larger openings, which will allow pine needles and shingle granules to enter the gutters. Similarly, other competitors use a mesh woven so tight that water cannot pass through fast enough, causing overshoot even in light rain conditions.

The ideally sized mesh we offer at Midwest Gutter Guard guarantees it will take in all of the water it encounters while keeping out all debris, and the surgical-grade stainless steel will not corrode over time. After testing mesh sizes for a decade, we selected a surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh with openings that are optimally sized to prevent even small debris from entering your gutter system while handling 60 gallons of water per minute.

2. Patented Hemmed Mesh

Our patented “hemming�? process mechanically bonds the micro-mesh securely into an aluminum body. This creates a strong connection that will not come apart after years of weathering and debris will simply blow off of this smooth surface.

Be careful of mesh gutter guards that glue, caulk, or crimp the mesh into the guard body because these methods have proven to fail and pull away over time when exposed to outdoor conditions. Once the mesh pulls away, debris will enter the gutters.

3. Gutter Strengthening

Xtreme® actually strengthens your gutters. Let’s face it, gutters are weak by nature so they become detached quite easily from your home during heavy winds, storms, or snow and ice loads. Our patented installation design gives your gutters box-like strength, which stabilizes the entire system.

This happens by first screwing the front of the product to the lip of the gutter, and then screwing the back leg to your fascia. The torque of the second screw squeezes the gutter tight so that it will last longer and drastically reduce maintenance.

Xtreme® Gutter Guard

  • Stainless Steel Mesh (Surgical-Grade)
  • Strong .024 Gauge Aluminum
  • Available in Mill Only
  • .42 Mesh
  • .440 Micron Opening
  • Handles 60 Gallons of Water per Minute

Seamless Gutters

Midwest Gutter Guard also installs seamless gutters that offer full protection at all times! With no connecting pieces or other fissures, these gutters are an excellent investment and you won’t have to worry about your gutters in even the toughest of weather.

Xtreme® Inside Miter

For inside roof valleys.

Our intelligent miters provide a solution to problem areas of your home that need additional protection from heavy water volume flow. By increasing trouble spot surface areas, each miter allows more water to pass through so that your gutter system performs at its best.


Miters Specifications

  • Enlarges open area in the miter by 40 percent to handle increased water volumes
  • Constructed from sturdy, .024�? aluminum and stainless steel mesh
  • Eliminates the need for valley shields or diverters that act as a debris trap
  • Screws directly to the fascia and front lip of gutter to create strength and stability
  • Integrated screen reinforcements eliminate screen deformation under load
  • Use of the miters eliminates the need to cut compound miters on Xtreme® product
  • Low profile design in height creates an unobtrusive appearance

End Caps

Make sure that your gutters are protected all the way to the end points. End Caps are carefully crafted to completely protect your gutters from small animals or debris that enter through open gaps at the end.


Let’s face it, gutters are very weak and lightweight by nature so they can easily detach from a home during heavy windstorms or snowstorms. Our patented installation design gives gutters the durability it needs to withstand nature. These tough screws will be sure to secure gutters and we do not recommend any gutter protection products heavier than the gutter itself.

Gutter Cleaner

Attaches easily to virtually any pressure washer wand. Turns wands into efficient gutter cleaners so that gutters can be cleaned from the ground. Excellent for cleaning eaves without getting wet. Safely clean pitched roofs. Great for cleaning car engines from all sides, not only from the top. Use your pressure washer more efficiently with more control and greater comfort for the operator.


Complete System

Offers complete gutter guard systems that are entirely enclosed for optimal protection. This complete system includes guards, miters, downspout caps, and aluminum end caps that all work together to provide you with the best experience possible. Forget about cleaning your gutters ever again!. Get in touch with us to request more information.




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