Sherry A. Wood, Attorney at Law

Are You Properly Planned for Your Future? Details inside...

Sherry A. Wood, Attorney at Law
Sherry A. Wood, Attorney at Law

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Are You Probably Planned for Your Future?

With a properly executed legal plan, you may:

  • Avoid Costs and Delay of Probate
  • Protect Your Assets from Taxes
  • Protect Your Assets from Creditors
  • Protect Your Assets from Medical Bills
  • Protect Your Assets from Costs of Guardianship
  • Keep and enjoy more of Your Assets
  • Protect Your Heirs' Inheritance from Lawsuits, Attorney Fees and Taxes
  • Provide a Swift Transfer of Your Assets as You Direct
  • Protect Children's Inheritance from Guardianship and Creditors
  • Provide Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones

Attorney Sherry Wood will travel to you, evenings and Saturdays too!

In her 20+ years of practice, Attorney Wood has advocated that her clients try to stay out of court, as she has experienced that litigation can be very costly, time-consuming, and emotionally difficult.

Attorney Sherry Wood obtained her Juris Doctorate Degree in 1990. She is admitted to practice law in Florida and Massachusetts. Attorney Wood has 20+ years experience conseling and assisting clients with tax and probate avoidance strategies. She is a member of the Real Property & Trust section of the Florida Bar. Attorney Sherry Wood remains updated with current laws in this specific area of the law.

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Many people believe that having a Will Avoids Probate. Nothing could be further from the Truth!

A Will is a document that is submitted to Probate Court. Probate can be Very Costly and Very Time Consuming.

Contact Attorney Wood to review and update your current documents – during a consultation with Attorney Sherry Wood, you can discuss the following:

  • Why only having a Will means Probate (can be more than one state)
  • How you may avoid Probate and Taxes
  • What a Durable Power of Attorney does
  • Health Care Surrogates and HIPAA Law
  • Wills (Pour-Over) & Living Wills
  • How Trusts can benefit from Estate Plan
    - Testamentary and Living Trusts
    - Revocable and Irrevocable
  • Updating Out-of-State Documents
  • How you may avoid Court and Costs of Guardianship


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