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Shared Mail

Our super-premium shared mail programs feature multiple advertisers who share the cost of mailing by combining their ads into one well-executed, effective package. Our Co-Op Card Pack is, by far, the most popular program we offer, and hundreds of companies throughout the country take advantage of it every year.

Solo Mail

Solo mail is a stand-alone mail piece focused solely on your business's advertisement. This is our version of the traditional direct mail postcard that people are very familiar with and that arrives in everyone’s mailbox—except ours are customizable to the addressee!


Stay top-of-mind with your target audience by delivering a digital ad to the same people who received your direct mail piece! With our advanced geofencing and digital advertising technology, we can send out a replica of your direct mail ad to any internet devices in the same geographic location as your mailing list!

Connect with Your Target Audience Like Never Before

When you work with City Publications Nashville, you benefit from a nationwide network of resources, cutting-edge technology, truly customizable direct mail options, and local experts with years of marketing experience. Our local team will work with you through the entire process, to identify and target your key audiences, create a delivery plan and schedule, customize a beautiful high-quality mail piece, and deliver your offers to homeowners known to respond.


City Publications generates and delivers over 100 million custom advertisements yearly


Our nationwide team utilizes experience from over 40 major markets throughout the country


Our team has over 20 years of experience in the direct mail industry

Margaritaville Hotel

City Publications is amazing! Len is great at communicating, giving ideas and strategizing with us! Margaritaville is happy to gain leads from City Publications and look forward to doing more business with Len!

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Len Silverman

City Pub Nashville Intro Video

Len is an experienced entrepreneur and longtime Nashville resident with a passion for helping other businesses succeed and grow. He has worked for over 30 years in marketing and advertising and has extensive business ownership experience.

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Mission Statement
My mission is to provide marketing services along with the power of City Publications direct mail to companies seeking to grow their product sales and brand footprint in Nashville, Tennessee.  

Vision Statement
Through the development of relationships throughout the Nashville area, I will build strong brand platforms and healthy sales growth for my clients. Leveraging City Publications as my direct mail driver, I will help my clients achieve a greater foothold for their products and services amongst Nashville’s high-end homeowners. 

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