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Derek is a results-oriented entrepreneur with a broad business background who has helped fuel the growth of many of Nashville's finest businesses.


Derek Kahn


I grew up in California, Spending summers on the East Coast visiting my mother and father’s family. I always knew and appreciated the beauty of life in the East growing up. With the ambition to move back to a place with more thought and care for their fellow man, I moved my family from a successful company I founded in California in the heart of wine county, to the beauty and vibrance of Nashville in hopes of providing them a wonderful and successful upbringing. 

After an extensive search in companies, I found the City Publications franchise to be a perfect fit. Not only to my college skillset, but to my personality, goals, strengths, and morals. I am the proud parent of two young girls and through City Publications have felt nothing but the care that is necessary to grow a successful business that does nothing but help businesses grow.

I am known to my wife as a “social butterfly” and to my friends as a man who “can make companies grow”. I look forward to waking in the morning and figuring out what not to fix, but how to better the way conditions are structured, or presented, in order to showcase the best abilities my clients create with their love and attention to detail.


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Team Approach

Derek and Alexa have been long-time friends and co-workers, and both share in strong family core values. Derek grew up in Sonoma County, CA with Alexa’s husband. Alexa was working for a marketing firm in San Francisco when she met her husband and moved up to Sonoma County. As Derek and Alexa started working together for his construction company the pair realized they both had the drive, determination and work ethic that could build and make companies successful while providing excellent service to their clients.

Tennessee was always a place that each family fell in love with, and once Derek found City Publications – Nashville was fate.  With Derek’s personable sales experience and Alexa’s marketing background they knew that this company would be something they could grow and thrive in.




Alexa Garrigan


I grew up in Las Vegas, NV and attended Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles California. After graduating with a degree in communications and a minor in marketing I set off to explore the big world. I started working for a real estate marketing firm in San Francisco where I met my husband. He was a local boy, born and raised in Sonoma County, California it was not long before I moved up there myself. After having our first child I quickly realized I was not ready to leave my daughter and go back to work full time at my corporate office. I then started working for my husband’s friend, Derek’s Construction company where I could take my daughter to work.  It made it so I could still have the family life I strived to achieve while providing for my family.

Once Derek found City Publications and both of our families' love for Nashville, TN we knew it was the perfect fit. With Derek’s personable sales experience and my marketing background, we knew that this company would be something we could grow and thrive in.


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