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What Is City Publications Tampa Bay?

Kristy Chase Tozer, Owner and Publisher, brought City Publications to Tampa Bay and has proudly expanded our service area to cover multiple counties throughout Tampa Bay.

As part of a respected franchise with over two decades of proven experience, City Publications Tampa Bay belongs to a groundbreaking direct mail organization that covers over 40 different markets across the US and generates tens of millions of eye-catching direct mail pieces per year. City Publications has a network of strategic partners and industry leaders to provide consistent first-class service and top-notch direct mail campaigns.

We take pride in offering these resources and our expertise in driving leads and enhancing sales to businesses in Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay. 

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Kristy Chase Tozer
Owner and Publisher

Kristy Chase Tozer is a genuine advocate of integrated marketing because it gets results! She is excited to offer City Publications’ innovative marketing solutions to local businesses that are ready to grow as immensely as our community!

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Mission statement:

Tampa Bay is growing and so are we! City Publications Tampa Bay offers innovative marketing solutions to local businesses that are also growing. We can’t wait to share how integrated marketing will deliver results to you!


Our Mission Is to Help You Grow Your Business

At City Publications Tampa Bay, we want to help you grow your business by planning and executing customized marketing and growth campaigns utilizing all forms of direct mail (often supported by digital marketing and public relations) that will drive ideal prospects and high-quality leads to your business.

We will guide you every step of the way with an unsurpassed level of personal service that exceeds all others in the direct mail marketing industry.

Our level of customization and personal service set us apart from other direct mail providers. Unlike the cookie-cutter, do-it-yourself direct mail options on the internet, or even big agencies and mail houses, we tailor our solutions to truly meet your needs and drive real results.


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Our Team

As part of the City Publications franchise group, we are privileged to work with an award-winning design team, and we have access to the data and best practices optimized throughout the country by our fellow franchisees. Collectively, our corporate office and franchises embody hundreds of years of experience in the direct mail business. There is no direct mail marketing challenge, large or small, that we have not faced and cannot solve.


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