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Randall's Rubberized Roofing

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Randall's Rubberized Roofing
Randall's Rubberized Roofing

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Randall's Rubberized Roofing

We specialize in Flat Roof repair and coatings, rubberizing and complete sealing of the roof to include all maintenance.

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Most people do not realize that a flat roof is a two-part system. Felt paper and tar are your water barriers, and white elastomeric is your sun barrier. The sun barrier protects your water barrier from the harmful effects of intense sunlight. Most flat roofers treat a leaking flat roof with elastomeric only. They never repair the water barrier! 


We use a thick modified rubberized membrane and a polyester fabric to fully repair any breaks in the water barrier. Then we apply a double coat of a top-grade elastomeric, enhanced with titanium dioxide for Extreme reflection of sunlight and therefore heat.


Roofs here in Tucson generally reach a temperature of around 140 degrees. With our coating, we can reduce this to 100 degrees.

Our work is backed by a 7 year no-quibble warranty!*

  • Lightweight & incredibly durable.
  • Reduce your cooling costs and start using your flat roof.
  • Our rubberized coating is green & eco-friendly.
  • Rubberized coating has a 9 - 10 year expected life span.
  • The whole process is clean, quiet, and odorless.




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