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If you’ve been in business for a year or more, you know exactly who your ideal customer is.

At City Publications Metro DC,, we use our wide range of targeted direct mail programs to provide you with a personal, tangible way to contact the very people who want—and need—to know about your company’s products and services.

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Grow Your Business with Direct Mail

Direct mail advertising is surging because it really works!

In a world where consumers are bombarded with as many as 3,000 fleeting, short-lived digital impressions a day, direct mail stands out with its singular, focused, physical representation of your company’s unique offering.

It is tangible and memorable – it gives your customer something to hold onto, rather than something they must try and remember from a short-lived impression.

Our direct mail advertising campaigns have a proven track record of generating winning business leads for our clients in the Metro DC area. Contact us now, or click to learn more about direct mail.


Why Mail with
City Publications Metro DC?

We are premier lead generators! At City Publications Metro DC, we know how to generate highly targeted leads through our Co-Op Card Packs and specialized solo mail campaigns.

Unlike other direct mail programs and printers you find on the internet, our local representative will be there for you every step of the way.

Your personal account representative will manage your campaign through production—handling all of the details for every facet of your direct mail initiative. Our service pricing is all-inclusive and there are no surprises! We will work with you from the very first stages of planning to:

  • Construct your custom mailing list
  • Choose the appropriate geography
  • Develop your custom copy
  • Generate your mailer’s creative
  • Purchase the postage
  • Execute printing and shipping
  • And our pricing is all in – no surprises!


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City Publications Metro DC provides.

Learn About Our Proven Direct Mail Programs

At City Publications Metro DC, we are results-driven, direct mail experts who employ a wide range of programs that have demonstrated proven results, time and time again.

When we partner with you to deliver traffic and sales to your business, the outcome will be a highly-customized and professionally-produced campaign that meets your unique business needs and budget requirements.

Learn more about our direct mail programs that will put you in front of your ideal customer.

Shared Mail
Co-Op Card Pack and
New Homeowners Mailer


Solo Mail
Enhanced Solo Mailer, Power Card
and Custom Solo Mailer


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Grow Your Business With Direct Mail

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