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David Whitmire has years of experience as a business consultant and small business owner to share with you as your business partner.


David Wayne Whitmire
President / Owner


As a C-suite executive and consultant to Fortune 50, and international firms seeking to increase sales and marketing to grow business in N. America, Dave is also a small business owner. Dave has consulted in Mergers and Acquisitions, leadership coaching, and provided Subject Matter Expertise to organizations seeking to improve their operations. He brings decades of experience to small businesses seeking to grow their sales and keep pace with their growth while ensuring their clients remain delighted.

A US Army Special Operations Forces (SOF) veteran of 3 wars, and multiple missions overseas in Central and South America, the Balkans, North Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan; Dave understands challenge and complexity and has transitioned his experience to businesses big and small.

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Grant Davis Whitmire
COO / Owner


Grant is a military veteran of Afghanistan providing intelligence analysis to deployed forces in combat. Grant’s acumen and dedication to ensuring efficient operations is balanced with ensuring a committed workforce has been the hallmark of his contribution to three businesses in two different industries over the course of his young career.

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