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Jeff Mauget is a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience driving revenue growth for local businesses.


Jeff Mauget
Small Business Founder, Brander, Grower!


Hey there, I'm Jeff Mauget, a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience driving revenue growth for local businesses. My journey began as a small business owner, where I laid the foundation for empowering entrepreneurial businesses. I never really liked the phrase "small business," and I still don't. What I didn't know then, but I know now, is that I prefer working with founders, owners, and anyone else with the tenacity and fortitude to step out into the marketplace and build something great. For me, it's not "small business," it's a GREAT BIG GIANT DEAL that never goes unnoticed. Every time I see it, a well of deep-seated respect and reflex to help springs loose. As for that last part, after 25+ years of learning hands-on entrepreneurial growth, I'm certain that last part was NOT learned. I must have arrived this way. Because the doers, builders, risk-takers, breakers, fixers, and GROWERS are my people. That's my tribe. If that's you... if you are a fellow seeker, then welcome to my page.

I built my first company as a technical expert in branding, printing, and product design for local businesses, making their phones ring and filling their website funnels with new, local customers. "Ok Jeff, but isn't the whole point of selling marketing services to get new customers? Is that really a brag?" Yes, and yes. I'll get back to why in a minute.

First, you should know that I didn't start with a detailed "finish line" in mind. If your first startup is anything like mine was... things evolve. I didn't exactly start a marketing business to become a daily bookkeeper or an emergency plumber, but those who know, know that's how it goes. Forget comfort zones; for us owners, it's nice every once in a while just to work on the service or product you risked everything to bring to market in the first place. I offer this context because when I read similar backgrounds, it's not uncommon to see a generic "I pursued my pure and perfect vision I initially set out to accomplish, and then I did. The end." No - lol. No, you did not, and neither do the overwhelming vast majority of us. You are not alone. In fact, it's very likely that if you're reading this you're probably a living legend or will be soon. Anyone who flexes outside their comfort zone while building something great is a legend in my view. So cheers to you, seeker.

Back to bragging. Do you brag when your business delivers results? You should. If you don't, I'll do it for you. That's how it goes in my network. Shameless plugs aside, you probably know there are no real guarantees, especially in multivariable scenarios like when combining your product, offer, medium, delivery, message, target, competition, penetration, saturation, authority, blah, blah, blah, until it all sounds like that excuse you were given that time a deal didn't pay off. Now, imagine spending a few decades watching owners experiment and fail when all they really wanted to do was that thing that got them into business in the early days. Well, all that blah, blah, blah stuff is my thing, and I did plenty of failing to make it mine. If you know the feeling I'm referring to, then you probably belong in my network.

I've worn many hats, but for me, everything always led back to marketing. In my time operating small to mid-size companies, I cornered local markets through technical expertise, a fact that had to be taken to market for it to make the difference it made. I delivered a better product for the same price through relationship building, which would be irrelevant without the marketplace hearing about it. I opened manufacturing divisions that would have sat quietly in a dark room until eviction day without effectively marketing their purpose. In the spirit of leaving comfort zones, I left this one off planet: Having never recruited, I created a new and unique recruiting process to support enterprise accounts. We won national recognition for explosive, record-setting growth. It turns out recruiting is simply demand generation for people. It's all the same stuff. Finally, after tripling local revenue, I went on to cross-pollinate 20 surrounding markets and captured revenue increases from $8-$30 million.

Here we are, now.

The familiar feeling of "all I want to do is that thing that got me into business in the first place" has completely taken over: "Help my tribe grow." That's why when I found the most reliable demand generation strategy there is, I bought it and now I'm taking it to market. To my tribe.

In our tribe, we have families, unique talent stacks, resourcefulness, and an unmatched ability to flex our way into the best market in the world. Our seekers have vision, big plans, and even bigger dreams. The best part is we have plenty of work, and there's nowhere to go but up... and maybe sometimes slightly sideways out of our comfort zones. :)

If you believe it makes sense to connect and have a conversation as I search for my next business to work with, then it's time to embrace the do-er your friends and family recognize you as. And if you're the right fit for my network, you won't be alone because here at City Publications of RDU, we grow together.

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