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Regal Basements

Transforming basements into masterpieces.

Regal Basements

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Regal Basements

Recreation rooms, in-law suites, home offices, kitchenettes, full kitchens, full basement remodeling.

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Bathroom giveaway, with the purchase of a finished basement.

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Don Lawrence is a skilled master carpenter and tradesman.  He is proficient in most if not all the remodeling trades.  Possessing these hands-on skills provides Don with a unique perspective for what can be done, what needs to be done, and what is possible.

Don is the founder of and CEO of Regal Basements, LLC.  Prior to establishing Regal Basements and forty-four years ago, Don started a full service remodeling company.  Over these past forty plus years, Don has come to realize that “A Jack of All Trades,” is not the best strategy for providing outstanding customer service and exceptional results deserving of his clients.

In 1981, Don did his very first job.  It was a basement finishing job.  Although at that time he was young and inexperienced, the customers gave him the opportunity.  Since then, with limited advertising and a large number of non-solicited customer referrals, Don has completed hundreds of basement finishing projects. 

Experience has taught Don what the customers will demand, expect and deserve.  He knows that the key to a successful business is to focus/specialize in one thing.  And that one thing…..is basement remodeling!!

Don no longer swings a hammer.  But with the wisdom gained over the years, he now leads a team of skilled tradesmen and A-level professionals who are experts in the field of basement remodeling, resulting in exceptional results for his clients. 

With over four decades of experience, our CEO and President, Don Lawrence, leads a team of skilled tradesmen who are experts in the home remodeling industry. Don’s unique background as a master carpenter and tradesman in various disciplines ensures that we deliver exceptional products to our customers.


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