Meet Your Local City Pub Owners!

Since 1999 Travis and Charlene Shultz have called the Upstate of SC home. A corporate sales role is what brought them to the Upstate, but they quickly learned this is where their permanent home would be. In addition to having a son proud to call South Carolina home, several extended family members have relocated to the Upstate.

Charlene has work ethic and dedication to customer service like no other. Over the years Charlene has held roles in banking and finance in addition to operating their real estate business. As a result of her time managing remodel projects that ranged from simple paint jobs to complete renovations including kitchens, baths, and mechanical systems she has an in depth knowledge of the building trades inside and outside of the home. In working with those contractors and service providers she gained a deep understanding of how they operate and what is important to owners and the success of their business. As a business owner Charlene understands that acquisition of good customers and cash flow management are at the backbone of all small business needs.

Travis is a mechanical engineer by education and sales and marketing professional by corporate training, with an entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep. Having owned his first business just out of high school he realized the importance of sales in business growth, and how solid marketing accelerated sales. He has proven this concept with an accounting business and as a home remodeler by buying and selling numerous homes throughout the Upstate. "I have always said that a mediocre business with stellar marketing could find great success, pair that marketing with great customer service and a business can write it's own ticket," comments Shultz.


Please feel free to contact us, even if you don't have an immediate marketing need. We always appreciate networking with other business owners in the Upstate.