Lead Generation, Data Tracking, and Business Coaching

Extending Your Digital Foot Print

City Publications understands that most consumers research products or services online via websites and social media prior to making purchases. Direct mail advertising is one of the top triggers driving fact-finding consumer traffic. Our web lead generation, SEO, and link tracking services help to drive that traffic to your website, guiding the customer to your products and services while engaging them through the web.

Leveraging top-notch search engine optimization, a variety of exclusive promotions, and tailored giveaways on our websites, City Publications Upstate can help increase your businesses’ search rankings and online exposure, by linking your local business with our national coverage.  Once potential customers engage with your advertising online, we can track these leads to learn more about their interests and consumer trends and pass that information along to you.

City Publications Upstate listing pages include important information about your business, offers and incentives. We also provide tailored, incentivized surveys for consumers to complete at their discretion. All these points of contact help increase your website traffic, increase exposure, and provide quality business leads you can convert to sales.

  All our advertisers receive a customized business listing page on City Publications regional websites which provide multiple pathways for consumers to connect with your business – by phone, email, website visits, or social media.

Call Tracking and Beyond

Beyond extending your digital footprint, #FRANCIHSE# is also suited to track phone inquiries. We assign a unique local phone number to your advertising to track leads and quantify response. Our unique phone numbers allow us to track how many calls you receive and from which numbers. Even more, we use specialized software to track when customers call, how long they spend on the phone, the conversation they had, and other important metrics.

We capture and analyze data from each of these points of consumer contact, both online and over the phone, to help measure the effectiveness of your advertising. Our experienced Franchise Owners utilize this information and years of hands-on experience to provide top-level business coaching and resources to help you get the most out of your investment. From your first appointment, to conceptualizing advertisements, to final high-quality printed ads, our local Franchise Owners act as your consulting partner, ensuring a successful ad launch.