City Publications Upstate direct mail postcards are hand tailored for targeted demographics.

Boldly designed with quality print materials and relevant offers, City Publication’s direct mail postcards lead to real conversions and drive new sales.

Upstate direct mail advertising campaigns generate the most promising business leads for our clients.  These campaigns include targeted distribution of postcard mailer packs to affluent homeowners proven to respond positively to direct mail advertising.  

City Publications Upstate postcards are professionally packaged and personally addressed. Featuring only the most relevant products and services, our direct mail postcards reach target demographics known to purchase. With just one business representing each category of product or service, our co-op card decks provide a diverse and competitive set of offers distributed to 50,000+ households in your target zone or zones.


Each advertisement is a full-color, glossy postcard printed on high-quality paper. Our elevated style of design and print allows you to effectively showcase your business and beat your competition.

Specialty Mailer Programs

When you really want to stand out from the crowd, City Publications Upstate solo mailer programs can help! We take care of it all – from building a specific mailing list to final mail box delivery. We distribute postcards separate from the co-op postcard packs that feature only your business and your offers. These individualized programs can target unique buying markets to reach more specific demographics like new home buyers, local neighborhoods, income brackets, and more.

Each of City Publications Upstate's specialty programs are tailored to reach very specific audiences that are proven to react to direct mail in a short period of time.

Solo direct mail advertisements are the most effective way to ensure that your ad reaches exactly who you want with a personally addressed, hand tailored message. With such a personal touch your business leads are more likely to result in customer action.


Our Direct Mail Programs include:


Direct Mail Co-op Packs

These mailers are targeted at high-income, upscale, active spending homeowners who are known responders to direct mail. All mailers are professionally packaged, personally addressed, and features products & services our consumers spend the most on. Each advertisement is a full color, glossy postcard and printed on veryhigh quality stock. This format allows you to effectively showcase your business and stand out from your competition.


Showcase Program

City Publications Upstate innovative cooperative shared mail program consists of 7-14 exclusive ads that showcase your products and services tailored for the new homeowner audience. It is designed to be delivered in your area once per month to the newest homeowners within the first 30 days of home occupancy.


Birthday Mailer Program

City Publications Upstate Birthday Mailer Program is the best solution to attract customers on their birthdays. It compels action by reaching prospective customers right at the moment they are ready to celebrate. The mailer includes gift cards with the customer's name and address so you can continue to engage with the customer after the initial visit.


Solo Mailer Program

These programs can reach recent home buyers, local neighborhoods, and more. We also offer mailers personalized to the recipient. We have designed these programs to specifically fit the needs of our clients and continue to bring them quality leads.


Enhanced Solo Mailer Program

  • This mailer is addressed to the homeowner, not postal customer.
  • Map out a target area via zip code radius, driving time or custom polygon and mailing drop off date
  • Option to target desired demographics
  • Create your mailings up to 30 days before you plan to mail them
  • Control your delivery time

Powercard Program

The Variable Data Postcard is mailed to neighborhoods, and is personalized to each individual household. What sets this program apart is your ability to communicate 1-1 with potential consumers while taken advantage of significant postage savings.